The magical world of Melody Bear is an enchanting introduction to the world of dance and creative movement.

Children are able to join us from the age of 2 and progress through the levels until they start school. Our youngest children often require the support of their parent or carer but as their confidence grows they quickly develop into independent dancers.

The time this takes varies from child to child and is treated with sensitivity but the introduction of new and exciting props each week is often too much to resist. 

Loveable teddy, Melody Bear, is the focal point of the classes and she takes the children on an imaginative journey with music, stories and humour.

The atmosphere in class is one of wonder and it has been known for the occasional parent to shed a tear during the end of term watching session!

Without realising it the children are developing essential skills such as counting, listening and learning to follow instruction.

Natural body actions such as running, skipping and jumping are explored alongside developing balance, grace and poise.

Children are encouraged to bring along their own teddy to dance with and to choose their own dancing clothes.

The class ends with each pupil receiving a sticker from Melody Bear which is normally proudly displayed either stuck to their nose, forehead or teddy!

We love our dancing with Melody Bear!

MMEL Melody Bear & Girls together on flo
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